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Our company offers high quality products and services from Thailand since 2008. Today we produce professional cosmetics under brand names Dara Cosmetics and Siamy. We also supply everything necessary for SPA and massage shops. However this is not single area of our activity. We also export spices, ingredients for dishes of Thai kitchen, coconut oil, Thai traditional medicine, textile, souvenirs and other goods which demonstrate real art of Thai craftsmen. Many businessmen are interesting in establishing business relationship with Thai companies because Thailand has great economic potential. But sometimes long distance, language barrier and different mentality became obstacles on this way. Cooperation with our company can easily resolve this issue. We are international company, so understand well both Thai and foreign partners and customers. If you are looking for some information about Thailand, need translation from Thai to English or vice-verso or just trying to find manufacturer and establish relationship with him you have come to the right place. We also can be you representative in Thailand and execute your complex orders under long-term contract, so you don’t need to interact with many contractors.

Thai Masters Co., Ltd. is your reliable partner in Thailand.

Made in Thailand
Thai Masters Co., Ltd., Bangkok Thailand 10400