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Body Firming Cream

Cream effectively removes unnecessary body fat and get rid of skin cells, which is unsmooth due cellulite, in the 3 following steps:
1. Destroys excessive fat by transforming it into energy
2. Tightens skin cells
3. Reduces fat accumulation inside fat cells.
Both women and men will reach visible results within 60 days.
The most important ingredients are: Bupleurum Extract (Chinese herb) and Caffeine, which increase Triglyceride metabolism inside the fat cells. Caffeine, which belongs to the methylxanthine class, also influence to the fat burning process inside fat cells (Lipolysis effect). Therefore, it very effective in fat reducing. Besides there are 2 more very important natural ingredients: Glaucium Flavum Extract and Euglena Gracllis Extract which play very important role in process of transforming fatty acids into energy and building cell’s structure. They effectively tighten the skin. Moreover, cream has in its formula Green coffee and Ilex Paraguariensis (Leaf) Extract, which have special property to reduce fat accumulation inside fat cells and to stimulate Lipolysis process (destroying fat inside fat cells).
Apply to the body areas where you want to remove unnecessary fat, then massage 45-60 minutes.
Active Ingredients
Bupleurum Extract, Caffeine, Ilext Paraguarinsis leaves Extract, Glaucium Flavum Extract, Eualena Gracllis Extract.