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Thai Masters

Participate in exhibitions


Thai Masters Co., LTD offers you help in arrangement your participation in a trade shows and exhibitions in Kingdom of Thailand.

As part of the marketing-mix, the participation in a fair/exhibition is by far the most valuable tool. Considering the presentation of the full product/service range of a company, combined with the personal contacts with the clients and prospects, no other marketing instrument is more efficient than a trade fair participation.


Thailand hosts significant amount of exhibitions because this country is not only a big manufacturer and services supplier, but it also strategically located in the center of ACEAN, so it’s very convenient for such events.


Visiting exhibitions as a buyer also offers you some advantages over remote contacts. First, you can look at real goods, not only pictures and descriptions. You can even visit manufacturing facilities if needed. Second, if you come in person you can make contract or preliminary agreement. And the most important: in the East culture and mentality personal contact and negotiations are always more preferable than E-mail exchange or telephone conversations.

We can help your company to register for participation in exhibition, arrange accommodation for your representatives, organize transportation, provide an interpreter and solve other issues.

You can get information about upcoming events on the following link: Thai Trade Show Calendar